About  us

Positive Energy Arts believes in the power of dance arts education to engage, enrich, and inspire students in schools through partnerships with artists and communities.


Positive Energy Arts is a not-for-profit organization, created by Shipley Energy in 2012, that is focused on the larger mission of improving local communities through the Arts. Art, in its many forms, enriches the physical, economic, social and cultural elements of a community. It is essential to the human experience. Almost as soon as motor skills are developed in a child, they begin communicating through artistic expression. Arts is everywhere around us, and naturally within us. So our mission to provide Dance Arts education opportunities to youth who would otherwise not have access, is also our promise to engage, enrich, and inspire communities to keep the Arts alive!


But why dance? Dance combines the transformative power of Music and movement to create a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experience! It's one of the only forms of Art that engages the total child. Positive Energy goes a step farther by utilizing culturally-relevant dance to help meet the students where they are. 


We originally launched in Harrisburg, PA as a community outreach and performing arts education program that utilized professional arts presentations, workshops and public performances to engage the community.

In 2016 we began servicing the York, PA area and shifted our focus to youth K-12 in the York City School District. Working efficiently with other local organizations, like the York County Library System, Salvation Army York, Children's Home of York, Communities of Hope Center, and St. Matthew's Lutheran Church Youth Center, Positive Energy has been able to deliver over 4 years of programming in schools that is positively changing lives! Through participatory classes in dance, inspirational mentoring, and structured guidance we've put over 18,000 youth on stages to showcase what they've learned. 


Led by a dedicated board of Governors, Positive Energy is committed to providing maximum inspiration in the lives of students who would otherwise not have access due to funding, transportation, or language barriers. Every student should be apart of a learning process that encourages creative expression, self confidence, and pathways to success.

"If you can be on stage and be confident, there is just about anything you can do." - William Shipley III, Co-Founder, Shipley Group

Through its programs, Positive Energy Arts offers extraordinary opportunities to make social and educational investments in the lives of students and communities through (but by no means limited to):

  • Music, dance and language arts programs

  • Summer Camps and Extracurricular Programs

  • Interactive and educational discussions

  • Motivational speakers

  • Lecture demonstrations featuring special guests, artists, and actors

  • Uniquely structured festivals featuring inspirational performances by visual and performing artists

  • Live Performances

By collaborating with local, national, and internationally recognized arts and education leaders, artists and organizations, Positive Energy Arts provides unprecedented resources to educate under-served students and communities about the transformative power of the arts.